Andrew Pontzen at Geek Pop

by Andrew Pontzen



This set is part of the Geek Pop 2011 festival at


released March 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Geek Pop Bristol, UK

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Track Name: The Astronomer's Love Song
The Milky Way's massive: billions of stars, Each one as large as or larger than ours.
If hot air balloons represented the sun, You'd be a bug or a bacterium.
I haven't got time to be talking to you, I cannot be doing the things that you do, See it from my point; you probably can By viewing the world as a Copernican.

Now old Mr Hubble compounded the trouble, By finding more matter outside our own bubble.
Billions of galaxies make us all quiver; The Sun is an atom if they are a river.
That's not withstanding that space is expanding And parallel worlds are what theory's demanding.
You are a ripple upon a vast sea,
And ripples, quite frankly, just don't interest me.

But oh! It's perhaps oversold
What I never was told
Is that space is quite cold.
No! You can't dance with a planet
Even if you could plan it
You can't serenade granite.
You can't cuddle a quasar
Make love to a maser
If you tried, it would phase yer.


So cosmological things are all fine,
But it's far more important that I make you mine.
And though it's quite daring, if chances arise I'll likely be staring at stars in your eyes.
Track Name: Boltzmann Brain
Ludwig had the sense to see
what accounts for rising entropy
and then to unveil
a sting in the tail.
Natural economy
Makes the cosmos an anomaly
It tends to curtail
our reckoning of scale.

If we live in a cosmic domain,
Law and order is hard to attain.
Tiny spaces are less of a strain to explain.

Ludwig saw that sense was dead
when his physics said we'd been misled.
It's all a collusion
to cause our delusion.
What seemed real we just misread
Paradoxically faked instead.
No end of confusion:
is life an illusion?

All you knew of that once seemed so plain
starts to crumble before the arcane:
the Universe may just contain your brain.

Boltzmann, ooh, Boltzmann,
Ludwig Boltzmann,
Ooh, Boltzmann brain.

Can you feel the world shrinking?
Nothing real except thinking.

Boltzmann, ooh, Boltzmann,
Ludwig Boltzmann,
Ooh, Boltzmann brain.