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Handmade by geeks, for geeks. A third of the profits from this release will go towards commissioning new music about science and geekery.


released March 11, 2011

Curated by Geek Pop. See for free tracks from the 2011 Geek Pop festival.
Cover art by Tom Humberstone. See



all rights reserved


Geek Pop Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Helen Arney with Mr Simmonds, featuring Professor Elemental - Animals
I’ve been watching your behaviour
And I think you’re in the mood
So if you’re lonely, well I’m here to save ya
Let’s get out of here and get us a room

Let’s make love like animals
I think you know what I’m talking about
Let’s make love exactly like other animals
Get your zoology textbook out

Lets make love like rabbits, a hundred times a week,
Let’s make love like hedgehogs – you know – carefully
Let’s make love like salmon living in fresh water
You leave it in the bath I’ll come and pick it up later

Let’s make love like animals - like dogs, doggiestyle
It’s been happening since the stone age - like cats – also doggiestyle
Let’s make love exactly like other animals - but mostly like dogs
Open up that Wikipedia page

Let’s make love like Angler Fish, yeah
It’s kind of complicated but it’s worth it
You use your highly developed olfactory sense to swim towards me for several days
And then you bite me
That releases an enzyme that then dissolved your skin & your flesh & your… fins…
Leaving only a pair of genitals attached to the side of my body
For me to use
When it’s convenient.

I’ve been waiting to find someone so animalistic
Misunderstood just because I like badgers and whippets
And seagulls and snails, who incidentally fire love darts
Well I’ve brought some chocolates
If you like them I’ll dance like a squid
Or croon like a humpback whale
Let’s make passionate love, a beast with two tails
Or a porcupine – I’ll spray you with wee and if you don’t scream we’ll get to it
Actually, skip that one, let’s not do it

Let’s get it on like pygmy chimpanzees
You know – constantly
Not rest until we’ve done some things that even seem odd to me

I am the man to put the “ooh” in “zoology”
You can be my queen I’m the drone in our colony
But let’s leave the metaphor there because as everybody knows
When a gentleman bee is done his genitals explode

Oh no, I’ve said too much, now I’m alone, confused, waiting
Like a self-cloning lizard, too much pseudo-copulation

Let’s make love like animals, yeah - like squirrels in heat
It’s like a biology GCSE – but sexy - I’ve done my naughty coursework
I know what will get you in the mood to love like an animal - yes?
I’ll get out my David Attenborough DVDs, yeah - mmmm, David
So we’re sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea - oh, god yes
This is not getting us anywhere
I’ve never seen a praying mantis in HD
God, did you see what she did afterwards, she ripped his head off and ate it! Dear god…
Do you wanna?
I guess we’ll end up being the same animals we’ve always been.
Track Name: Spirit of Play - An Element Sends A Postcard Home
What do you know?
Did you find what they were all looking for,
And is it super-heavy?
Where’d you go?
I turned around to tell you something
But you were gone and I wasn’t ready

Send me a postcard from your Island of Stability
Wish you were here
Some mixed emotion recollected in tranquillity

My half-life is getting shorter by the day
And we all want to stop going under
But though we try, we seem to be no nearer now
Perhaps I’ll never get those magic numbers

Send me a postcard from your Island of Stability
Wish you were here
Some mixed emotion recollected in tranquillity

It’s an elemental dream
It’s 114
It’s accelerated thinking
It’s trying to stop that isotopic ship from sinking

Send me a postcard from your Island of Stability
Wish you were here
Some mixed emotion recollected in tranquillity
Track Name: The Sound of The Ladies - The Day of The Snail
Why is it so hard
After heavy rain
To step between the snails and spare their lives?
Our mindless feet remake
Their homes into deadly blades
The perfect instruments of their demise

And if I were transformed into a giant slug
Would I be most cursed on this earth?
And if I one day die and am reborn a man
Should I rejoice in my rebirth?

Evil's on the march
It stalks my stuttering steps
I can feel its voodoo in my head
But it needs a lock of hair
To perform its spells
So I'll collect my hair
And I'll keep it in the jars beneath my bed

With fingernails and skin
And bottles of urine
Anything that might bear my DNA
And I know that I must hide
From the storm that dwells outside
But I will step into the light some lucky day

The oily rain that falls upon the flooded pavement tells me that it's here within my castle I must stay
And while I know that I must hide
From the storm that howls outside
I will step into the light some lucky day
Track Name: Karmadillo - Radio Gagarin
Spring / 1961 / Gagarin / chosen as the one
He climbs / into the Vostok 1 / which climbs / into the sky and then its gone
And I want to know / what its like to boldly go / up into the heavens / where no human has been present

Watching / a distant Baikonaur / and every / one you know grow small
One minute / your looking at the Kazakh lands / the next / you're the pinnacle of man
what are u seeing up there? / what are you feeling up there? / whats it like being up there? / I'd like to know

So Radio Gagarin and ask him what its like soaring
Up above the skies / in a satellite / looking down at human life
It must feel so ace / flying through space / being looked up at by the human race